June 8-16 3rd Grade Lunch


This is what Hannah had packed for lunch.
Grilled cheese sandwich and cheese string
Ham and boiled egg
Mixed fruit and carrots
Mini muffins and popcorn


I think Hannah is doing really well with her lunch and is pretty creative.


June 9-16 Toddler Lunch


Last day for packed lunches this week! PD day tomorrow for my kids and a day off work for me to spend with them.

Today Hunter has

Peanut Butter and jam sandwich
Pepperets and cheese
Apple and owl crackers
Apple sauce.


As you can see I am done with lunches this week, no containers or creativity at all.

Hannah is gone on a field trip to Science North today. They are having lunch there so all she did was pack snacks to eat on the bus. The bus left at 7am so Hannahs ride picked her up at 6:30 so at that time of the morning my brain was not awake enough to remember to snap a picture. Don’t worry it was just granola bars and popcorn. Nothing refrigerated or fancy.